How could I improve AI choosing adds for me?

Recently I watched a TED talk about AI spying on us. Apparently governments and big corporations collect a lot personal statistics.

That’s true. My cell phone’s GPS module lets them know were I go. Free emails app gives away my contacts etc.

What can I do about this? Probably not so much. I’m not gonna use Tor until it become as comfortable in use as Chrome. Or paper maps? LOL

No. I’m not gonna worry about businesses and politics keen to know what music I prefer. 

Just one thing is really annoying for me: stupid AI struggling to choose “right” adds for me when I watch YouTube. 

I was told that it’s a quite complicated task. I absolutely disagree. Let me show how I would solve this problem.

Simple! Google, please, feel free to use it.

Would you like write your own code choosing adds for you?

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